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Captivated Attractions

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When his mother died, it seemed as though Matt Stator died with her. Robbed of hope, he sets out on a self-destructive path of everything from piercings and tattoos to drugs.

In fear for what might happen to his son, Mark seeks help and soon a plan of action is underway. Sky’s help is enlisted, and his job includes abducting Matt and straightening him out. Determined to to see his work through, Sky teaches Matt to obey by way of rewards and punishments. What he didn’t expect is teaching him more than that...

As Matt slowly regains his old self, he makes those around him proud by paving his way to a brighter future. But with life comes disappointments, and his pride leaves him losing what he cherishes the most.

A story of love, grief, sexuality, and forgiveness, with a romantic twist of events that turns captor into captive...

This story is also known as “A Friend in Need”

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