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WARNING! This story contains lots of Gay Sex. If Gay Sex and Anal Sex offend you, then this is NOT for you. Otherwise, enjoy!

Paul loves to play rugby. He is fast, agile and a sure bet to get in the team. Who cares if he is shorter than the other guys? But before he can play, he needs to undergo a full medical check up. And that’s when the fun starts...

His venture with the coach is just the beginning. When a teammate walks in on them, the threat of exposure turns pleasure into chaos. And Paul finds out the hard way what it would cost to keep it a secret.

But one event changes everything. Paul sees the kind of damage the secret can cause, and decides to blow his cover and just accept whatever criticism may come his way. What he doesn’t expect is getting the exact opposite: A wide selection of hot studs and a whole lot of adventure.

Imaginative and highly erotic, Chris Johns is at his best with “Jacked,” and it will leave vivid images in your head.

This story is also known as “Embarrassment”

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