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Mistress of Mischief

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“Come on Jonathon, when you're talking how a male has taken a certain device and inserted it in her vagina and turned this diabolical contraption until the poor girls sex organ was big and wide enough to accept a baseball bat, that's not endearing to most women.”

“Lorie, why are so many women buying the damn stories for then?”

“Jonathon, there are all kinds of people out there as we all know. Maybe they are lesbians getting turned on to doing it in a smaller dose to their partners. Maybe it's women who want to do it to their boyfriends. If we were a couple Jonathon, I would feel like teaching you a lesson because of what your stories do to me. If I didn't have to read them to edit for you, there is no, excuse my language. No fucking way I would ever read them.”

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