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What the Dragonfly Saw: Dragonfly Dreams—Volume II of the Dragonfly Series

294 pages5 hours


Juliette Danetree, sole heiress, has settled into the family home of Greyfriars. She grew up in the bayou mansion, but the small Southern Louisiana town of Petit Coeur is far from the fast paced world she created for herself as an attorney in New Mexico. Torn between liquidating all assets and selling the property, or re-establishing herself in her hometown, she is uncovering more evidence that leads her to believe Greyfriars has called her back to stay.

Handsome green-eyed Honore Francois Darden and the intriguing Henderson sisters have quickly become instrumental in keeping her at Greyfriars. When an old family trunk is opened, letters, journals, and confessions are unleashed like ancestral specters that will haunt Juliette’s day dreams and nightmares. She is tangled in her family’s questionable past, trying to make sense of misdeeds committed long before she was born.

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