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Ember of Life

825 pages17 hours


Ember thought she had found a home when an attack upon her new village causes her to leave for the True South, a land where the warm winds always blow. She carries with her a magical necklace of fertility and the hopes of many people. From shark attacks, ritual sacrifice, and assassination, to finding love and the struggle to help an embattled high priestess save her people from a relentless enemy, Ember is in for one exciting adventure in the warm lands of Anatolia!

Set in the early Neolithic period of prehistoric Europe, 7500 years ago, Ember of Life follows the continuing story of Ember the Warrior and Brig’dha the Priestess as they head for new lands in Anatolia, near modern day Turkey. Ancient mud brick cities, exotic rituals, a deadly priestess, a complex plot, beautiful landscapes, and even romance await her!

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