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We make a deal and I drive the lady back to her car, make that former car. The lady's ex-car has been torched.
I tell her, “No problem. When we finish our dealings, I'll get you a replacement car, using your insurance money. In the meantime, you don't need a car, my secretary can get you what you need.”
The lady then packs a couple of suitcases that are almost as big as she is.
I then schlep the suitcases out to my car and drive the lady back to the apartment.
The lady tells me, “I want no funny business.”
I tell the lady, “Business, yes! Funny business, no.” I then give the lady a key.
I pull into the garage and tote the lady's two suitcases up to the apartment.
The lady tells me, “I have to make some phone calls. When I get what you'll need, I'll call you.”
I tell the lady, “The sooner, the better. We'll get the business finished and then we'll get you relocated somewhere where your ex-employer won't find you.”
The lady says, “You saw my car. The people who are looking for me play for keeps.”
I tell the lady, “Not to worry, so do I.”
Over the course of the next couple of weeks, the lady gets me three more contacts with disgruntled customers of her former employer.
I get two new contracts now and one more will come when the customer's current contract runs out.
I talk briefly with the lady and determine that she has about exhausted her sources. I then meet her for supper, one night. I tell her, “I have gotten two new contracts from your leads. Give me a bank account number and I'll have your commission money transferred to your account, as the contract money comes in. I also have a contract pending from a lead you gave me. When the contract comes in, I'll pay you your commission for that contract. You told me what kind of car you wanted. I got you the deluxe version and it's in your garage. I got you a much better deal than you could have gotten on your own. If you'll just sign the papers, you're ready to go wherever you want.”
The lady scans everything and we then go and look at the car.
The lady falls in love with the new car and she signs.
We then go back to the apartment and the lady and I have a discussion.
The lady asks me, “I was a corporate whore. Do you know what I did?”
I sense a trap but I say, “Well, you obviously screwed customers.”
The lady says, “You'll have to excuse me, but I look damn good. I screw out of town customers, rich guys who want sex but don't ever want to see me again, unless its for another corporate whore date.”
I tell the lady, “Makes sense. So what?”
The lady lectures, “The typical social girl looks good, screws local boys and gets involved in messy, local situations.”
I think for a moment and lecture back, “The corporate whore deals with intelligent people in top of the line places. The social girl deals with mostly dumb boys and gets taken to the kind of cheap places the boys can afford. The corporate whore knows how to dress and conduct herself in a top of the line place. The social girl wears as little as she can get away with and can basically only deal with, 'wanna fuck?' The corporate whore deals with older men and not only has to screw, but she also has to learn to be a bit inventive, when the older men can't get it up.”
The lady says, “Pretty much.”
“Okay, so what?”
The lady tells me, “I originally come from a city on the other coast. I have a girl friend who lives in a smallish town, back there. My girl friend's sister is a corporate whore. The corporate whore wants out. However, she's afraid that people will find out. You just might be the man who can figure out how to get her out. At worst, you get a few nights of hot sex. At best, who knows?”
“You think I might fall for a corporate whore?”
The lady says, “Well, there's always the local non-corporate whores, I mean social girls.”
I get some contact information. I then help the current lady plot an escape.

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