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In search of his place in the world, Kyn visits his new friend, Ben’hyamene. Together, they meet an ailing dragon rider from the marshes of a land called the Carr. The rider recounts a people beset by anger, depression, and despair. After befriending and healing the rider, the group travels to the rider’s home. There they discover a breed of wild dragons, called drakes, which have been at war with humans for four hundred years.

One sleepless night, Ben’hyamene uses his new abilities to communicate with the lead drake. This sets Kyn and Ben’hyamene on a path that could bring peace to a conflict that’s nearly destroyed a whole people. Can revenge be set aside and enemies be called friends?

Find out in the exciting third book of the Dragon Courage series, Dragon’s Revenge by Kandi J Wyatt.

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Dragon's Revenge - Kandi J. Wyatt

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As I think of the path where the past year has led me, I am amazed. Last year, I had only begun the journey of publishing. Now, although I am still awed that people want to read my work, I am becoming accustomed to the process. When I started, I never knew what went into publishing a book. Now, I know why these acknowledgment sections are always so long. I’ll try to keep mine short. Without four people, there would be no published Dragon’s Revenge. My book manager, Pam Labbe, has kept me sane and has promoted the Dragon Courage series relentlessly. She has believed in me from the very start. Thanks, Pam. You rock! My editor, Christina Lepre, is priceless. Without her, the story would not be as refined and cohesive. She catches the inconsistencies that I miss and notices when there are words that readers wouldn’t understand and makes me change them. Thanks, Christina. I really appreciate all your hard work. My proofreader, Tricia Parker, has proven a wonderful help. She stepped up for this book, and I am thankful for her help. Finally, Yosbe Calma joined the team for the cover. I am amazed at how well it was done. Thank you for giving me a cover to be proud of and that fits right along the other covers of the Dragon Courage series.

Just as in any endeavor, there are people behind the scenes who help make it a success. In the case of Dragon’s Revenge, Heather Huffman has been quietly working to help us when we couldn’t figure something out. Her advice has been invaluable. My family has also been along the sidelines, cheering me on from the very first. Thanks, guys. Mom and Dad, you are my biggest supporters. I love you.

However, there is one last group, without whom my books would fail. That is you—the reader. Thank you for encouraging me to keep writing and keep publishing. My wish for you is that you may find peace. Enjoy the world of the Carr.

To Eric:

Because you asked what happens when,

and put up with all my typing


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Chapter 2: Oreeya 16

Chapter 3: Healing 26

Chapter 4: Challenge 30

Chapter 5: Carr 37

Chapter 6: Caedmon 43

Chapter 7: Drakes 49

Chapter 8: Riders 62

Chapter 9: Ardara 72

Chapter 10: Shylah 81

Chapter 11: Aislin 90

Chapter 12: Frith 95

Chapter 13: Keepers 103

Chapter 14: Confused 111

Chapter 15: Tranquility 115

Chapter 16: Memories 120

Chapter 17: Impatience 125

Chapter 18: Conflict 129

Chapter 19: Battle 137

Chapter 20: Harmony 152

Chapter 21: Future 157

Chapter 22: Good-bye 162

Chapter 23: Home 172

Chapter 1: Discontentment

Honored guests, Avi’or called out to the crowd in the large open pavilion and to those who were out on the lawn. Please join me in a toast. Here’s to our ah’doneye, my new brother-in-law, and to my sister Sarai, his is’sha.

Huzzah! the crowd roared.

Kyn felt a tug on his sleeve. He looked down to find a pair of little green eyes gazing up at him.

Uncle Kyn, what’s an is’sha? Ardyn asked.

Kyn’s midnightblue eyes stood out from his pale face as he smiled at the youngling. Kyn had encouraged Ruskya and Carryl to let the boy make the trip, and Ardyn had been so proud that he could come to Braidyn’s wedding.

‘Is’sha’ is the El’shad’n word for bride, or wife. They are congratulating Braidyn for choosing a wife.

Oh. The boy’s green eyes grew thoughtful. You mean like Ma and Da, and Uncle Cerulean and Aunt Duskya?

Kyn nodded, and the boy grew silent for a while as he listened to the hubbub around him. Drums pounded along with the sounds of bells and flutes. Women danced in groups on the dance floor. Kyn knew the fire dancers would come out soon, now that the night was getting darker and the fire could be seen better.

Ardyn turned again to Kyn with a serious expression on his face. Will you find an is’sha?

Kyn forced a smile as he tried to tamp down the surge of emotions the boy had triggered. I don’t know. Maybe someday. If I do, I will be sure to invite you to the wedding. You could fly Nube over the ceremony and she could blow fire to celebrate.

Really? The boy’s eyes grew as large as the serving platters on the table beside them. Would you have a whole fourth-of-a-moon­–long celebration like Rider Braidyn?

Kyn laughed. I don’t know about that, he said, ruffling the boy’s blond hair. I am about ready to burst from all the food the El’shad’n have laid out each night. They do know how to celebrate.

Mm-hm, Ardyn agreed as he took another honey cake from the plate beside him.

That’s probably enough, young man, said a short, redheaded woman coming up from behind the two. It is almost time for bed.

But Ma, I wanted to see the fire dancers tonight. It may be my last chance. Da said we will be going home soon. Please, can I stay up?

Carryl looked to Kyn, but he just shrugged. Don’t ask me, he mentally told her. You decide that.

She smiled and her green eyes sparkled. "We’ll see, but it is time you came with me. Let Uncle Kyn have some fun of his own. Maybe he will dance with one of those pretty girls out there."

Ardyn’s eyes, so much like his mother’s, widened in surprise. Will you find your is’sha here? he asked.

Kyn felt the blush fill his cheeks. Ardyn, I doubt it will happen that quickly. Besides, Nube has to get old enough to really blow fire first.

Uncle Kyn, you know she can, the child insisted. She has been able to for the past four winters.

Really? I didn’t realize she was that old, Kyn teased. She has almost seen nine winters now, hasn’t she?

Ardyn nodded. Like me.

And at almost nine winters, Carryl added, it is time to come sit with your Da and Ma.

Yes, Ma.

Go have fun, Carryl mentally told Kyn as she left. Don’t just sit here. Go dance! Find someone you can be friends with.

I’ll try, Kyn said.

The problem was that no one seemed to be able to fit the niche that Kyn had empty inside of him. Although he had not been old enough to truly remember his twin, he still felt the absence like a gaping hole in his heart. He realized some of that had to do with the Calamaydan herb that his mother had used to conceive him: Calamaydan caused twins, and those twins had special connections. Duskya and Ruskya were Calamaydan twins. So were some of the dragons.

Knowing Carryl was watching, Kyn got up and looked out at the dancers. Not one caught his attention. He had always felt that he had two left feet when it came to dancing, anyway. Instead of walking to the dance floor, he slipped out the back of the pavilion and gazed up at the stars. They were beautiful. He walked along the back side of the pavilion away from the fires so that he could see the stars more clearly. When he came to the edge of the pavilion, he chose a path away from the noise and activity of the celebration. He heard the roar of expelled air as the fire dancers blew balls of fire from their mouths, and he saw the flashes of light over the top of the pavilion. Ignoring it, he walked to the edge of the encampment and away from the noise of the cheering crowd.


Inside the pavilion, Braidyn and Sarai sat at the head table. They made a striking couple. Braidyn stood at six feet, tall for a man of the El’shad’n. Sarai’s dark hair fell in long curls hidden beneath a veil. Her chocolate-brown eyes peered out upon the celebration. Together they enjoyed watching their guests filter in and out of the pavilion. Avi’or had made it clear to Braidyn that for this quarter moon, Avi’or would handle the duties associated with hosting their wedding and leading the El’shad’n people. Braidyn’s only responsibility was to be the groom. Braidyn was ready for the celebration to be over so he could just be himself again. Being around so many people had left him feeling exhausted with emotion. The turquoise stone he wore around his neck had given him a number of new abilities, including the power to absorb the feelings of every person within three to four dragon spans of him. With so many people here for the festivities, the feelings had become overwhelming. He understood, now, how Carryl felt hearing dragons all the time.

What is bothering you, Braidyn? Sarai asked, leaning close to her new husband.

Braidyn smiled. They had decided to postpone the ceremony so that Braidyn’s friends from the south and the north would be able to attend. He was pleased with how they had grown close over the moons of their betrothal.

I am growing tired of soaking up other people’s feelings. It makes me think that I should be able to make these people happy or satisfied, but I know that is ridiculous.

"Well, you were able to make me happy," Sarai said with a smile.

Braidyn chuckled. I guess I did, didn’t I? My goal this quarter moon was to be groom and ah’doneye, and I must confess that I’ve been ah’doneye in name only; Avi’or and El’esaw took care of all the real problems leading up to our wedding. I made it my primary duty to focus in on my new is’sha. Have I done a good job?

That you have.

A ball of fire shot into the air and the crowd erupted in applause. At the same time, Braidyn felt an unexpected sadness from someone in the crowd, a feeling that did not belong at a wedding ceremony. He reached out and felt Kyn’s presence behind him. He turned, but only saw the back of the pavilion. He frowned. Where was his old friend?

Braidyn? Sarai prodded.

It’s Kyn, my ray’a from the north. Would you mind if I go find him? I might not be able to help everyone, but maybe I could repay him for the help he has given me.

Sarai smiled at him. She brought his hand to her lips and kissed his fingers.

Go, I will be fine. I will await you in our pavilion.

Braidyn’s eyes lit up. I will look forward to that. He squeezed her hands and headed out.

He knew if he went through the crowd he would never find his friend. He decided to slip under the back flap of the pavilion. He could follow Kyn’s steps that way. No one seemed to notice as he raised the flap at a pole and slid behind it. Reaching under his tunic, he pulled out the dark turquoise stone he wore around his neck on a silver chain. Braidyn pictured his friend Kyn’s light skin and hair and his midnight-blue eyes. The stone started to glow gently and a small light shone, pointing in one direction.

He soon found himself on the edge of the recently expanded encampment. The Agamid from Ye’sock’s encampment and Braidyn’s had all worked together to set up extra pavilions to provide room for the guests who had come from afar to see Braidyn married.

The glow from the stone dimmed. Braidyn looked around and by the starlight saw Kyn standing off to the side gazing up at the sky. Braidyn reached out mentally, letting Kyn know he was there.

Welcome, Braidyn, Kyn said quietly. Aren’t you supposed to be back at the pavilion with your is’sha?

Braidyn chuckled. I see you’ve learned the titles around here.

I’ve spent all evening defending myself from Ardyn’s questions about the El’shad’n, Kyn replied with a smile. The boy has an endless supply of them. If I don’t know an answer, he will pester me until I find out.

I could see how that would give you an incentive to learn the ways here quickly.

Yes, but you haven’t answered my question, Kyn insisted. Won’t you be missed?

Right now I am only a figurehead; Avi’or is running things for me while I celebrate. Sarai and I can leave at any time. She will wait for me back at our own pavilion while I visit with you, my friend.

Kyn smiled ruefully. I suppose I can’t hide my feelings from you even when you are busy with a wife.

You could, if I wasn’t the Ah’doneye of the El’shad’n. I’m not sure what happened when Turqueso blew on the stone that Avi’or gave me, but I feel everyone’s emotions. Sometimes I have a strong feeling that I must help the people around me. When you passed by us, I knew I might be able to help you.

I don’t know how to describe it, Braidyn, Kyn began. When you came to Three Spans Canyon four moons ago to get Ruskya and Carryl to help find Peri, I was able to help you with your depression. I gave you a restful sleep.

I remember. I was quite ready for revenge. When I woke up from my nap, I was more rested than I’d ever been. I wondered what you had done.

I did what I feel I have been called to do, heal people’s minds. Unfortunately, that was the last time I was able to do it.

The two were silent for a while as they looked at the stars. Braidyn took in his friend’s mood and tried to figure out how to help him. He could sense that Kyn was restless, not knowing where he fit in. Braidyn understood; not so long ago, he had felt the same way. He laid a hand on his friend’s arm.

Kyn, I think the only way for you to discover who you are and where you fit is to go find out for yourself. It took a journey for me to learn who I truly am. I know a young man, my new brother-in-law, actually, who might be able to help you. Did you meet Ben’hyamene during the wedding?

Kyn nodded.

Up until a few moons ago, he was not such a nice man. It took a desperate situation to change him. I will let him tell you his story, but he now has a way about him that reminds me of you, and how you were able to help calm my emotions when I visited you in Three Spans Canyon.

How could he help me?

I think if you spent some time with him, you would be able to work through what is bothering you.

Didn’t he leave on an errand for Avi’or? Kyn asked.

He did. Avi’or’s youngest daughter was married to a man from Oreeya. They had a private ceremony here and then left for her new home. Avi’or sent Ben’hyamene to ensure her safe travels and help her get settled. I think you should find him and spend time with him in Boeskay or at Three Spans Canyon. Get to know him and hear his story.

I know Ruskya is planning to leave soon anyway. I just may take you up on that offer. Where would I find him? And would he even want to come with me? He seemed pretty set on staying around here.

Braidyn laughed. That he is. He swore to uphold the ideals of the El’shad’n and be faithful to me. I’ll give you this, Braidyn said, taking off a ring and handing it to Kyn. Ben’hyamene knows it. It will be your proof that I have sent you to him. You’ll find him in Oreeya on the western edge of the inland sea.

Thank you, my friend. I will talk with Ruskya. Will you be offended if I leave before I see you in the morning?

No, ray’a, I would not be offended. I would be glad that you found my advice worth pursuing. Peace, ray’a. May fortune shine upon you.

Thank you, Braidyn. May your dragon fly true.

And yours, ray’a, Braidyn replied, hugging his friend before departing for his pavilion.

Kyn looked up at the stars for a while longer, then turned and followed the drums back to the main pavilion to let Ruskya and Carryl know about the change of plans. He would leave at sunrise.

Chapter 2: Oreeya

Ben’hyamene roamed the streets of Oreeya. The sun reflected off the turban hiding his dark, short, curly hair. His deep brown eyes took in his surroundings. It had been two days since his niece had arrived at her new home. He had strict orders to stay there for the traditional quarter-of-a-moon wedding festivities, even though the traditions of the people in Oreeya were not the same as the El’shad’n. After two days of roaming the streets, Ben’hyamene was getting very bored. He had already seen the sights of the port town. He didn’t know what to do with himself for the next three days.

His wanderings had brought him back to the docks. He watched one boat being unloaded and another being filled with wares bound for the other side of the inland sea. Since he had time to spare, he watched the whole process. Suddenly, a sound caught his attention. It was a sound he had not heard since he had left the El’shad’n. He looked around but could not find the source. Upon looking to sea, he saw the shadow on the water. It was a dragon. Instantly, he wondered what was wrong at home.

Hello, Agamid, he mentally called.

The call came back, Hello. Who do I have the pleasure of addressing?

Ben’hyamene noted that the rider was not shocked to have someone invade his thoughts. He knew that most of the Agamid of the El’shad’n had some kind of mental communication with Avi’or this way, but it was still new to them.

My name is Ben’hyamene of the El’shad’n. What rider am I addressing?

Ben’hyamene! the voice, which was vaguely familiar, replied. Fortune has definitely shone on my journey. This is Rider Kyn of Three Spans Canyon. I was sent to find you. Where can I land Wylen without causing too much commotion?

Ben’hyamene thought for a moment.