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The Story Bag: A Collection of Korean Folk Tales

Length: 196 pages2 hours


The Story Bag, a captivating collection of Korean folk tales compiled by the emininent Korean storyteller, Ms. Kim So-un, is sure to delight the hearts of all "children" between the ages of eight and 80. Written with earthy wit and pathos, the tales unveil the inevitable foibles of people everywhere and expose the human-like qualities of animals and the animal-like qualities of humans. Pulsating with the rhythm of life and the seasons, these 30 stories transport the reader to a wonderland, where a tiny mouse teaches filial piety to a spoiled child, a blind man can "see" evil spirits, and fleas drink rice wine. It is somehow deeply reassuring to know that even in present-day politically-divided Korea, these same stories are still being told, just as they have been for generations.

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