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President Kissinger

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The very last book ever published by Maurice Girodias (apart from his own memoirs.) President Kissinger, from the short-lived Freeway Press, is a futuristic tale of what-might-be, as the great Henry leads us to one-world government through communism. Included in the mix are many of Kissinger's loves, revolutions in Africa, the Middle East, war with China, peace with the USSR, with all finally brought together under the blanket of the UN. Perhaps for its fictionalized accounts of "Kissinger's" many loves, shortly after this novel's publication Girodias found himself in the middle of a drug-sting operation by the feds on a harbor in the NY/NJ area. He wasn't quite deported, and his wife of the time forgave him for going there to meet a young woman in the first place, but Maurice never really worked again stateside, returning to Paris after the divorce. An odd end to an odd career.

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