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The 7 Erotic Minutes

Length: 199 pages3 hours


PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: It's terrific, one of the best dirty books ever written." "... An underground classic, an erotic novel about a woman whose entire (and active) sex life passes before her memory (and the reader) during the seven minutes of a sexual act." Publisher's Weekly. Seven Erotic Minutes is to the twentieth century what Fanny Hill was to the eighteenth, the new model of libertine fiction, a vibrant, luscious masterpiece of erotica. And it is certainly the most audacious novel ever written about Henry Miller's Paris. Here is the irresistible, totally sensuous and totally dedicated confession of the girl who, lying on her back and in the course of these seven ecstatic minutes conquered the world. It was with the publication of this book, a companion volume to the novel "Seven Minutes," about a Jadway, and an unscrupulous publisher, that Maurice Girodias' luck really began to change. Simon & Schuster, publishers of "Seven Minutes," sued, Maurice lost a fortune, had to destroy 150,000 copies, and things started rolling downhill...

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