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Sex Life of a Cop

Length: 187 pages2 hours


Sex Life of a Cop is the rollicking, ribald story of one of the most likable cops, or rather two of the most likable cops, you'd ever hope to meet in any American town. Author Oscar Peck, ex-cop, gives us two unforgettable characters--Sergeant Jim Thorne and his partner Hal Dempsey--and lets us ride the midnight beat in Patrol Car 105 in search of criminals and women. And there's hardly any crime at al, to speak of... Publisher Sanford Aday was busted, tried and convicted of obscenity for selling this book back in '59. Depending on who you read, he got either 10 years and $19,000 in fines, or 25 years, $25k. Porn legend Ruben Sturman himself may also have run into trouble for the same work.

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