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Swedish Passions

Length: 137 pages2 hours


'P' is the pseudonym of a well-known American writer who wrote Swedish Passions while he was studying art in Stockholm. Set in the Swedish capital in the late 1930s, the novel is a fascinating attempt to understand the sexual freedom rampant in Scandinavia. A beautiful and innocent girl, Gerda, takes refuge in the author's apartment one day and a strangely haunting and captivating relationship develops between the young student and his adolescent friend--which reaches its zenith in a dramatic and romantic adventure. But P is not the only one who desires the young Gerda. The girl arouses the strongest passion in the Countess and her mistress, Lovisa, a famous actress not unlike the great Sarah Bernhardt. Swedish Passions is an unusually frank and literate tale of love in Sweden, of a menage a trois, a menage a quatre, and is a pleasurable narration of the joys offered by this hospitable land.

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