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The Escritoire of Yolanda

Length: 152 pages2 hours


Dear Yolande.... From her secret mountain retreat, Queen Yolande began a series of letters to her most intimate and devoted friends, a revealing body of correspondence unequaled since Fanny Hill wrote to her mother in the 18th century. Born to inherit the crown of Tranmontine, Yolande barely established herself on the throne when a violent revolution ravaged her country, forcing her to abdicate. She gathered around her a small society of noblewomen dedicated to the art of love, and fled to an Alpine haven, where they indulged in endless varieties of sexual pleasure, resulting in a final bizarre, inevitable conclusion. Set in the passionate, strife-torn period between the two great wars, The Escritoire of Yolande tells some of the most sensational and erotic occurrences ever revealed.

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