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Jacqueline, Daughter of the Marquis de Sade

Length: 132 pages1 hour


To a publishing company, every book is an event, but once in a while a manuscript appears that electrifies even the most sophisticated editor. Such a manuscript is Jacqueline, an account of shocking and hitherto unknown letters written by Jacqueline de Prozinard to her "natural" father, the utterly unnatural Marquis de Sade during his confinement in Charenton Asylum, to which he had been sent on account of his incorrigible debauchery. These letters were discovered by the translator in the French national archives during a research project. Elated by his astonishing find, Denard's literary interest soon gave way to outrage as he read through the bundle of letters. Clearly, this was a case of "like father, like daughter," as Jacqueline proved beyond all doubt the where cruelty and perverse sexuality were concerned, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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