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Kate Gerrity's Career

Length: 186 pages2 hours


Kate Gerrity leaves her parents' comfortable middle-class home in Morgantown, New York, to seek her future in a New York City advertising agency. A recent college graduate, Kate is hired by Amanda Greer, the director of Greer Associates. Amanda is a strikingly beautiful woman. Impressed with the eager job applicant, Amanda hires Kate as her assistant to work on corporate accounts. The innocent Kate, who has had only one sexual experience (and that one a disaster) quickly learns that part of her job is pleasing major clients, which involves having sex with them. At first Kate is dismayed by Amanda's instructions, but, dominated by the older woman, she learns to carry off her sexual assignments...and frequently enjoy them, save a few unpleasant encounters. After a period with the Greer Agency, Kate is hired away by a larger agency at a healthy salary increase...and all the men she can handle. Kate decides that her "career" life is not bad and she can bide her time before settling down with a husband.

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