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Dihydric Alcohols, Their Oxidation Products and Derivatives: A Modern Comprehensive Treatise

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Rodd’s Chemistry of Carbon Compounds, Second Edition, Volume I, Part D: Dihydric Alcohols: Their Oxidation Products and Derivatives describes acyclic compounds containing two functional groups on different carbon atoms.
This volume is composed of six chapters, and begins with a description of dihydric alcohols and their derivatives. The next chapters are devoted to the classification and nomenclature of other dihydric alcohol derivatives, including hydroxyaldehydes, hydroxyketones, dicarbonyl compounds
monohydroxy-monocarboxylic acids, and related compounds. The remaining chapters deal with nitrogen analogues, nitro and amino-monocarboxylic acids, aldehydic and ketonic monocarboxyhc acids, and acyclic dicarboxylic acids.
This book is of value to organic chemists and researchers.

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