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Company Law: Made Simple

Length: 220 pages


Company Law: Made Simple presents a logical explanation of the purposes of the law and the procedure by which its goals are attained. It discusses the operation and execution of the law. It addresses the nature of limited companies.
Some of the topics covered in the book are the advantages of incorporation; limited companies as legal entities; types of registered companies; classification of companies; categories of unlimited companies; alterations to the memorandum; creation of the Certificate of Incorporation; nature of a memorandum; and operation of overseas companies. The nature and definition of prospectus are fully covered. The procedure for creating a prospectus is extensively discussed. An in-depth analysis of the forms of share capital is given. A study of the power of the company to borrow and to charge assets is also presented. A chapter is devoted to the appointment, registration, and assignment of office of directors. Another section focuses on the creation and monitoring of accounting records.
The book can provide useful information to businessmen, lawyers, students, and researchers.

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