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Fungal Toxins: A Comprehensive Treatise

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Microbial Toxins, Volume VI: Fungal Toxins covers information on the evaluation of the chemical, biological, and biomedical aspects of the fungal toxins. The book discusses the historical structure chemistry, production, analysis, detoxification, biosynthesis, pharmacology, toxicology, and molecular biochemistry of aflatoxins and related compounds. The text also describes the isolation, analysis, production, chemistry, biological effects, and biogenesis of the ochratoxins, as well as the bioproduction, biosynthesis, and chemical properties of misclellaneous Aspergillus toxins. Various species of storage fungi, including yellowed rice toxins, luteoskyrin and related compounds, chlorine-containing compounds, citrinin, and citreoviridin are also considered.
The book further tackles the physical and chemical properties and the biological activity of the rubratoxins; the biosynthesis and biochemical effects of patulin, penicillic acid, and other carcinogenic lactones; as well as the structure, production, biosynthesis, and biological effects of cyclopiazonic acid and related toxins. The text also encompasses bioproduction, properties, chemical structure, and biological activity of miscellaneous Penicillium toxins. Microbiologists, biochemists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, medical students and people involved in other related fields will find the book useful.

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