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Aria of the Lamb

Length: 19 pages16 minutes


For Rachel Finnegan, tonight is when she proves to her family of vampire hunters that she is worthy of the name. She bears the sacred sword Corona, ready to meet the Elder vampire Richard the Wolf in his castle in Creach's moor, and send him back to a century of slumber.

For Rose, tonight is when she reaps the benefit of a century-old bargain with the Wolf. She'll spring the trap on a Hunter an gain a new thrall. The crafty human warriors have ways to protect themselves from most vampires' mind control powers, but Rose is part of a very rare lineage with unique singing powers. She knows the Hunter will be powerless to resist her melodies...But she is surprised to find out she's a young woman. And thinks it would be fare more pleasant to turn her into a sweet little pet than a mere enthralled bodyguard.

If you like vampires, mind break, loss of intelligence and victim point of view, this is the story for you !

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