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Lizzie the Submissive, Lustful Cravings, The Naughty Cuckold Twins

Length: 24 pages19 minutes


A taste of what's inside:
He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, licking her throat as he squeezed her breasts through her dress.
“But first, I want to taste your sweet pussy. I’ve been dreaming about burying my face in it all day.”
He pushed Lizzie to the floor and she spread her legs for him. Alec let out a small groan as he pushed his face between her thighs. The sensation of Alec’s scruffy stubble scraping against her smooth thighs sent her through the roof and she tried to focus on the hot mouth pressed against her trembling sex.
Ever so slowly, he pulled her panties down and brushed his lips against Lizzie’s pussy, teasing her into a frenzy. Lizzie knew that Alec liked to make her wait and he liked to push her until there was nothing left to do but come again and again. Alec pushed her dress up high over her hips, his fingers grazing along her stomach.
“I get so hard when I taste you,” he murmured, his words vibrating against her skin. Lizzie shivered and felt her thighs tremble as Alec worked his magic. He sucked at her inner lips and gently teased at her skin with his mouth. Lizzie wanted more and she bucked her hips, pushing herself further into Alec’s face.
“Greedy girl,” he murmured and Lizzie knew it was true.
She couldn’t get enough.

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