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Empire’s Desire

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In a world bound by judgement, how will love survive?

Alexander, son of a wealthy patrician, participates in his first slave trade. He only wants to find someone worthy to pleasure him but instead, he finds something more.

Set during the time of Masters and Conquerors in an empire full of promise, Rome finds comfort in pleasure slaves. The recent capture: pale-skinned beauties from the North.

From this group of young Norsemen, Alexander sees one who stands out from the rest: beautiful Haaken. Perfect in every way, it doesn't take long for Alexander to fall for this slave. Life is good and favor is on his side as he gains the love of Haaken.

The problem is of their opposing titles: Master and Slave. That is just the beginning of a conflict in their relationship and surpassing it would be absolute bliss. But life is never that easy and sooner or later, they will have to face the wreck to fix it.

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