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Billionaire Gay Lover

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Nicky Old comes from a poor family, working his ass through college. On weekends, he hangs out at expensive bars searching for rich clients who will rent him for the night.

For quite sometime, he dreams of finding a Billionaire who will fall in love with him and make his dreams come true. He says that he will not be forever poor. That’s his goal.

During one of his client-hunting nights, he meets Jean Pierre. He never thought about him as a prospect client but here he is, offering himself for Nick to take for the night. Jean is willing to pay Nick 1-freakin’-thousand POUNDS!!!

Nick couldn’t believe it! His month’s wage is 600 pounds, and here comes Jean offering him much more than his month’s worth of hard work all for just one night! Nick couldn’t possibly say NO.

A few days of being together and making love, the inevitable happens: Nick falls in love with Jean. But what luck does Nick have? Jean is in love with him too!

With Jean Pierre, dreams did come true for Nick.

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