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Model Wanted

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Tyler Westbrook, a young “hotshot” who owns a modeling agency knows he has made it big. Little did he know that this very naive young man who’s auditioning for him is about to turn his world around.

Gorgeous features, innocent, and down-to-earth makes Tyler almost fall off his chair when he first meets Mika Koslova.

Mika is an immigrant from Eastern Europe who’s in desperate need of a job that pays well. His mother is very ill and needs urgent medical attention. He then sees Tyler’s ad: “WANTED MODEL” and takes a chance.

When Tyler finds out about Mika’s situation, he has come to realize why Mika insists he wouldn’t mind doing porn movies. Suddenly, his heart has gone soft. He wants to help Mika.

Tyler then asks Mika to move in his house, promising to shoulder all the medical expenses his mother needs. Mika couldn’t understand why Tyler would offer to help him, when they’ve only just met. So did Tyler.

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