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Poker Slave

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A poker game marked the beginning of Myckie’s nightmare.

Michael “Myckie” is Tommy’s best friend, a sex addict who’s also the leader of the gang in school. Tommy’s cool, smart, gorgeous, and sporty - the perfect guy in short. He’s popular and very influential.

Myckie, on the other hand is the opposite of Tommy. He’s nerdy, silent, and not into sports of any kind. But because he’s Tommy’s best friend, he’s given a free pass to join the popular group of guys led by Tommy.

Tommy dares Myckie in a Poker game. Whoever loses will be the slave of the other until they go off to college. It means that anything the winner asks, the slave has to go along with no-holds-barred! If the loser wimps out, he will be ostracised from the group forever.
That’s pretty tough but Myckie plays the game anyway. And he loses. He’s now Tommy’s slave and will remain to be one until they finish high school.

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