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Juliet Shares her Gold

Length: 58 pages47 minutes


An adult book, not for sale to under-18s.

Juliet would love to go for an after-work drink with her colleagues but she has a problem: after just two glasses of wine she can't control her bladder, and she knows that if the others were to see her wetting herself then she would be too embarrassed to go back to work ever!

Then her work mate Ian, who she quite fancies, pushes her to reveal her secret, and to her amazement he doesn't run a mile: instead he is actually turned on by it! They have a night of uninhibited wet fun together, and when another work mate finds out about them and also wants to play, Juliet realizes that there is a whole world of people out there who want to see and taste the golden rivers that flood from her body.

They end up at a club, where a couple of dozen like-minded fetishists strip naked and play at adult watersports, and by the end of the evening Ian and Juliet are soaked from head to toe in the warm, golden water.

Do not buy this book if descriptions of graphic sexual activity and urination may offend you.

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