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Not Quite Home

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You would think that a lifetime of taking on the bad guys would prepare a man to handle whatever came his way in retirement, now wouldn't you?

Think again.

When MI5 1/2 pushed Richard Hugh (aka Triple-O Five) into early retirement, he was expected to go from saving the world to merely living in it. Fat chance of that happening. First off, Richard's not the retiring sort. Not really. Secondly, the bad guys are still committing crimes like arson and murder, and framing innocent people along the way. However, when you don't have an agency at your back, or proper authority any more, what's a man to do? And how in the world is a man supposed to cope with all the messy personal problems that can't be shoved aside anymore, now that a man's not working fulltime at saving the world? And how does he cobble together a team, now that he's on his own?

Ah, well, this is Richard Hugh, after all. He's a never-say-die sort of British gentleman. So he'll plow ahead, with whatever he can manage to put together, with the fine and philosophical help of friends old and new. Count on it.

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