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Quasilinearization and Invariant Imbedding: With Applications to Chemical Engineering and Adaptive Control

Length: 259 pages6 hours


Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Volume 41: Quasilinearization and Invariant Imbedding presents a study on the use of two concepts for obtaining numerical solutions of boundary-value problems—quasilinearization and invariant imbedding.

This book emphasizes that the invariant imbedding approach reformulates the original boundary-value problem into an initial value problem by introducing new variables or parameters, while the quasilinearization technique represents an iterative approach combined with linear approximations. This volume focuses on analytical aspects that are concerned with actual convergence rates and computational requirements, considering various efficient algorithms that are suited for various types of boundary-value problems.

This publication is a good reference for chemical and control engineers and scientists interested in obtaining numerical solutions of boundary-value problems in their particular fields.

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