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It's Your Life: Your Results ARE YOUR CHOICE

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It’s Your Life is about you; your vision, your goals, your results. Your results are your choice, but how do you make that choice when you don’t know who you really are? That’s probably the most important question you need to answer. See we’ve been conditioned to live with our sensory factors...but what about the phenomenal power and hidden world within us? What about all the people that created something from nothing? You’re creating your results every second of the day – you just have to decide to create something that serves you.

It’s Your Life contains short stories from Naveed & Sonika’s past – their struggles and their breakthroughs. These two young authors lived a life very different from the one in their head for an entire year. They struggled to pay their bills, were afraid to open the mailbox in case they found more debt that needed to be repaid, and they just weren’t making it. It seemed like an endless battle, with no evidence whatsoever that things were going to change. That is, until they came across the hit film The Secret.

Now a lot of us have tried to use the concepts given to us in The Secret, but it seemed to just work for the little things in life. A cup of coffee, turning traffic lights from red to green, or even attracting a phone call from a long lost friend. But where was the income? Where was that amazing, extravagant life? What Naveed & Sonika didn’t know was that there was a secret within The Secret – an exact formula to get anything that you want; and they found this secret when they began working with Bob Proctor as his certified consultants. The second they dug deeper into his material, their life began to change. They realized they had actually been using this information all along, just in the wrong way!

In their book, It’s Your Life, Naveed & Sonika let you in on all their moments when they used this amazing information and didn’t even know it, along with action steps to help you use this exact same information to rise up the ranks in your own life.

They didn’t come from a rich background nor did they know anyone on the inside that could pull them up. They just made a choice to change their life – and that’s what this book, It’s Your Life, is going to help you do. Remember, it IS your life. You’ve got a right to live it to the fullest.

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