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The Race, The Rehearsal, The Ring

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This book deals with the details of life. Life is not just an ordinary race but a marathon, where athletes fail severally and could yet win the race, with passion, perseverance, persistence and determination. The Christian life is also a race - the heavenly race. Like a qualified athlete, becoming a Christian is being certified qualified to embark on the highest and longest form of race. The Christian needs be aware that there are spectators, both visible and invisible watching him as he runs the race. If he must win the prize, he must avoid all forms of distractions and discouragement, running the race with fixed focus.
This book is written to prepare you for the race of life. No matter how badly you have suffered defeats in life, you can still bounce back to emerge as winner. The timeless principles in this book will surely offer the inspiration you need to keep winning in the heavenly race.

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