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Hard 2: The Hard Series

Hard 2: The Hard Series

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Hard 2: The Hard Series

267 pages
3 hours
Jun 17, 2016


Love is a dangerous game. However, when you're dealing with dangerous people it's twice as hard. Sacario is a playboy money, power fame is all he knows. But when he meets Lanya. Things change quickly. He'll do anything to protect the ones he loves. Even kill... The Alton brothers are ready once again to take you on a ride through Detroit... Hold on tight

Jun 17, 2016

About the author

Anjela Day is a thriving young author from the city of Detroit. She was born in raised in the city better known to the world as the Murder capital. While for most that have been a death sentence. Anjela Day has found an uplifting way to turn it around. Her gritty hard-hitting street romances novels. Paint a picture of the city of Detroit like no other. With titles like Sacario, and She fell in love with a thug. It's clear this young woman is a force in this industry. She has proven that can hang with any of the big names.

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Book Preview

Hard 2 - Anjela Day


Sacario stood in the middle of the stairs; Lanya’s phone in his eyes sight. However it was not Lanya who held it. A million thoughts ran through his head; mainly the puddle of blood that his hand was just covered in.

Hey baby The woman stood to greet Sacario. She wore only a lace bra and panty set.

Rachael? Sacario asked, however he could see clear as day that she was.

"You look so shocked to see me! Are you? Rachael questioned stepping in to Sacario’s space

Um Killa you smell so good.  She cooed, in that moment Sacario was a little taken, quickly regrouping he stepped back and sighed.

Man Ray, Where the fuck is Nya? Rachael laughed, and again stepped into his space. She stood on her tiptoes wrapping her around his neck she pulled him as close as his thickness would allow and slowly kissed his ear.

Um She moaned softly in his ear. Slipping her hands into his pants she closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip. Rachael ran her handover his slowly stiffing dick and her eyes sprung open. She looked Sacario in his eyes then back at his stiffness. He was holding more than she could imagine.

"Damn daddy it’s like that?’ Slowly falling to the floor his stiffness still in her hand.

I can’t he mumbled to himself. He pushed Rachael away finally thinking with the right head. He pulled her to her feet and grabbed her tightly by her arms.

I don’t got time for this where is my wife? Rachael snatched away and angrily pushed him. Tears now present in her eyes.

"Yo what?  She’s no more your wife then a pig is. She crossed her arms over her chest. Sacario walked over to the coffee table and grabbed Lanya’s phone shoving it in Rachael’s face.

Where in the fuck did you get this fuckin phone from?

"I love you, and all you can think about is that bitch! She’s all you see, when she don’t even want you. I’m here and I want you, and you push me away like I’m nothing.

Man Ray where is my girl?

Fuck you Killa, hope that bitch die!  Sacario raised his eye brow his first reaction was to knock the dog shit out of her, but memories of his father and his mother he decide to just walk away. He pulled his phone from his pocket calling the one person he knew would have his back. Before he could press talk his phone was knocked from his hand as Rachael jumped on his back she held him tightly still crying.

"Baby pleases. Whatever she do I can do?

"Ray stop!

You want a baby I’ll give you one. Sacario Slammed Rachael to the ground looked down at her in discus. Finally gathering strength he grabbed his phone and continued out the door.

"You know that’s not even yo baby Rachael yelled.  Sacario looked back at her shooting her a look of hate. He dialed his phone and unlocked his car door at the same time.

Yo Bro I need you!


Dinero sat on the edge of his bed his room completely black, and his clothes still covered in blood. Dinero’s head hung low as he cupped the back of his head, reliving the last hour over and over, like a bad dream. He watched the first woman that he allowed himself to love; body lie lifeless on the ground,  Just when I thought I could -—He yelled to the empty room tears forced their way down his cheek and Dinero’s face. Just when I think that it’s ok to trust women. This bitch up and die on me. First my mother—He scuffed when the door opened and Ali appeared before him.

"Yo bro that nigga Killa called me in a—He paused cutting the lights on to look at his brother in the worst shape he had ever seen him in.

"What up Bro? He looked at the blood stained clothes with a raised eye brow, Ali ran his hand over his chin then wasted no time going right to work. He snatched Dinero’s dresser open and tossed out a pair of jogging pants and a T shirt.

Nigga take that shit off! Ali ordered his older brother. It took a second for Dinero to respond. Giving Ali a side eye as he stripped down. Tossing the clothes to Ali.  Ali smirked. Taking the clothes, pulling his phone from his pocket.

"Where it happen? He questioned his brother

At the club! Dinero mumbled

"Fuck you mean—Ali caught himself suppressing his anger he dialed a number and lifted his eyes back to Dinero.

I need a cleanup! he said into the phone

No you don’t! Dinero mumbled.

What nigga? Ali questioned and Dinero stepped in to his space and slammed the phone to the ground.

"Mickey dead, I didn’t do shit—He paused and faced Ali. Collecting himself Dinero looked at Ali with the same blank stare he gave every one.

Yo Lee what you here for? Dinero angrily asked.

Nigga you for real? Ali laughed at Dinero and the way he went from hurt to evil in seconds. He shook his head and turned to walk out the door.

"Killa called, but I’ll handle it! Shit I always do


Sacario stood at the nurses’ station of Bosford Hospital. It was the fourth hospital he had been two in the last two hours. The image of the puddle of blood in his bed had his mind spinning.

Look my wife she like 36 weeks and it was blood in my bed when I got home He ranted to the nurse barley able to complete his statement. The nurse looked at him almost in tears and took his hand into hers.

What’s her name? she asked rubbing the back of his hand with her thumb.

Lanya, but I don’t know the last name she used, Scott or Alton I just need to see her! After typing a few words into the computer the nurse stood from her seat; still holding his hand she rubbed his back. They walked down the hall and into a room. The sound of monitors beeping filled his ear. A(s) smile filled his face as he walked over to the drawn curtain. His heart beat had slowed as he nodded to the nurse and pulled the curtain back.

Fuck you doing here? Sacario said looking down at Lanya, but speaking to the other party that sat at her bedside. The man remained silent. He stood and kissed Lanya on the face as he walked towards the door.

Nigga where my fuckin cash? Sacario asked Daylin. His whole mood had gone from concerned to pissed. Daylin walked over to Sacario, going in to his pocket as if he was looking for what Sacario had just asked for. Took a step back and hulked up a wad of spit in to Sacario’s eyes.

"Nigga fuck you, I work for Ali, and that’s my seed and my girl. Sacario smiled lifting his shirt reviling his gun on his waist as he wiped his face. Sacario pulled his gun from his pants and pressed it to Daylin's face. The thought of blowing Dylan’s brains out gave him a rush. He cocked his gun still staring in Dylan’s eyes. By this time all Daylin could look at where his feet. Sweat was now present on his brow. Lanya reached up grabbing Sacario’s other hand. He turned to see tears now in her eyes. Please she mouthed. Sacario sucked his teeth. He had broken the number one rule. He had pulled his gun, and not used it. Slipping the gun down his pants he gave his attention to Lanya.

You good bay?

"Daylin exhaled and sucked his teeth at the same time. Lanya looked away from Sacario as if she feared him in that moment. She also feared that the next time he would not be able to control, himself.

Daylin please, just go get me a drink Lanya ordered

"Sacario You weren’t there! Truth is you never are! On top of that we all know this is Day—

Sacario stood holding his hand up to silence her words.

He mines if you let him be! So did you have him? She didn’t have a chance to answer when the doctor walked in

"Lanya? Your Dr. Scotts daughter from Receiving Hospital? , right

? The tall slender Caucasian doctor asked as he extended his hand to shake Sacario’s hand. Lanya nodded her head and gave a phony smile.

"Husband, boyfriend the doctor asked. Looking at Sacario.

Yeah that’s me. Sacario replied not giving Lanya a chance to respond.

Well we have stopped the bleeding and can send you home on bed rest for the next two weeks. The baby is fine, I am just worried about you being over active, being the daughter of a doctor you know how to take care of yourself I assume." Lanya nodded again as the doctor gave her instructions and made his way out the room as Daylin returned.

Sacario please go Lanya said tears already falling down her face. He parted his mouth to speak, but the tears that fell down her face spoke volumes. He bent kissing her eyes. His lips wiping away every tear. Sacario patted his gun as he exited the room reminding Daylin his days were numbered.

Sacario sat in his office nursing his drink.  It had been two days since he laid eyes on Lanya; truth was as much as he missed her he was to piss to look at her. She was full of games. He refused to fall for a kid that she would just rip away from him.

What’s up bro Ali said walking into the office forcing Sacario to give him his undivided attention as he passed him a lit blunt. Sacario looked at his brother as he took a hard pull from the El.

"Yo my nigga, get out yo fuckin feelings! I don’t know what you bitching about, but that nigga is Kevin history and we can get back to basics.

"Nigga I’m good. I stay on my Killa shit! Sacario explained taking another pull and handing the blunt back to his brother. Ali just took the weed and laughed knowing his brother was lying.

"Well since that’s all you mad about, you know baby girl on the floor working right? She like seven months in right? Sacario glanced down at the monitor that showed video coverage of the bar and dropped his head trying to convince himself he didn’t care.

She 38 weeks He said out loud but wasn’t necessary talking to Ali. Standing from his chair he pushed his way out the office and down the steel flight of stairs over to where Lanya stood talking to a short balding man in Cartier glasses, and Gucci shoes. He didn’t even give dude another thought just pulling his shirt once again showing his gun.

"Yo my bad Killa no disrespect.  Grabbing Lanya by her hand he pulled her out of the bar and into the parking lot.

"Look you not gone be up in my shit—He paused looking at her once again she had a cut on her lip and make up cover her face lighter than her skin tone. She walked into his space resting her head on his chest.

I made a mistake.

"Naw he did. Sacario groaned pulling his car keys from his pocket he placed them in her hand.

"Go home Nya, but on my word and on my seed—  He paused to touch her stomach you go back to him I’m gon—

She looked away and he kissed her ear.

I love you! He whispered and rubbed her ass.

"Don’t kill him Sacario! Promise me!

He looked her in her eyes with hate as she made a request that he was not ready to honor.

If you love me like you say; you won’t kill him. I’m yours Killa just let this go. Turning his face he sucked his teeth and looked back. Kissing her lips he ran his hands through her hair and smiled. It was a phony smile, but a smile nevertheless.

Just go home ma and I won’t lay hands onmy dude. She handed him: his keys and walked back into the bar knowing Sacario better than he thought she knew himself. "Hey cashing out Lanya said to Rachel and handing her the cash she had made for the night.


Lanya paced the floor of Sacario’s home. She had left the bar after their argument and taken a cab back to his house. She had no idea why she went there; Sacario could never be her man. She wondered why she even kept the key he had given her. A million things ran through her head; however the pain that shot through her body every eight minutes made it hard to do much thinking. Buckling over in pain as the contractions brought her to the floor. A gush of liquid rushed from in-between her legs soaking her shorts and feet. Tears flooded her face as she tried to figure out what she was gone to do. Grabbing her phone from the table she called 911 and walked onto the porch. Lanya had never felt such pain as in those few minutes waiting on the ambulance to arrive.


Sacario’s head was spinning fighting his urge to send Daylin to an early grave. Shit what did he have to loose. Lanya had already walked out on him.

You talk to boy?

Dinero came into the office of the bar with a smug look on his face

Boy who? Sacario asked with a raised eye brow.

The nigga Saint he said you called off the hit! Dinero roared pouring a glass of rich brown liquor and sitting on the couch.

"Sacario sucked his teeth and looked at his buzzing phone.

Hello he said still looking at Dinero with hateful eyes. He nodded as the person spoke in his ear in haled a deep breath and looked at his brother.

I’m on my way!

"Nigga we not done talking Dinero stated blankly as Sacario stood to leave the room.

Yeah we are Sacario pulled his jeans over his ass and walked out the door and down the stairs stopping when Ali walked through the door of the bar.

Where you going baby brother? Ali asked as Sacario walked towards the door. Sacario waved his hand for Ali to follow not speaking. Ali did just that. Sacario hopped in his car with Ali on the passenger side, and he pulled off.

So what up my nigga?" Ali asked his brother, but Sacario was focused not looking away from the road as he sped of the freeway. He pulled in the hospital parking lot feeling a bit of dejvu. His hands shook and sweat covered his brow.

Nigga what is it? Ali asked ripping Sacario’s keys from the ignition and hopping out the car. He followed Sacario inside of the hospital. Still unknowing what the problem was.

Lanya Scott Sacario said to the nurse crossing his arms over his chest. She gave him two visitors pass and pointed down the hall. The sound of Sacario’s heart racing echoed in his ear as he walked down the dimly lit hospital hall. He walked in Lanya’s room pushing the curtain back to find Lanya fast asleep with a small clear box like bed beside her. He exhaled and walked into the bathroom taking his jacket off and washing his hands. He dried his hands as he reentered the room and smiled at Ali as nodded at the small baby that lies in the bed. Sacario lifted the baby in his hand and smiled lightly kissing him.

"Um Lanya groaned as she opened her eyes. Sacario walked over to her side of the bed bending to kiss her face still holding the baby.

You did good baby. Is it a boy or a girl? Ali smirked looking at the blue knit hat on the baby’s head. Lanya cleared her throat and pulled herself up as much as she could.

His name is Sacario Lamar Alton Jr. that is if you still want us? she questioned looking at him.

"Yeah ma you mine, he assured her kissing her face again

That’s what up nigga you got yo Deuce. Ali said walking over to look at the baby. He bent to kiss Lanya and they all shared that moment.


It had been two weeks since the birth of Sacario Lamar Alton Jr. and Lanya was still not herself.

She had made the choice of being with Sacario; however she had not been a mother to her son. She lied in the bed with her hands over her ears as the baby sobbed.

Hey ma you don’t hear him Sacario asked lifting the baby from the bassinette that sat at the end of their bed. A tear fell down her face and she looked away from Sacario.

Alright man. Daddy got you He told the baby lying him back down and kissing his face as he slipped his pacifier in his mouth.

Baby talk to me, what’s going on? He question pulling Lanya into his arms as he sat on the bed beside her. She just lied against his body not saying a word. How could she tell him that the child that carried his name had the same dark coffee colored skin as her stepfather, and every time she looked into his face she searched for answers and found none? The sound of the alarm disarming and the stairs creaking got Sacario to his feet standing he walked over to his night table and pulled his 9mm and loaded the clip in. Lanya looked over at him and then over to the door. She watched the door and every so often looked up at Sacario.

"Fuck you gone shot bitch!

Dinero said giving Lanya a side eye.

"Yo dumb ass could have announced yo self.

Never had to before. Now you got this little gold digging hoe up in here and rules change.

Yo watch that shit; that’s my girl

"Yeah and every other nigga with cash in the pocket. He looked at Lanya and smirked.

So Lee told me you calling this little nigga Deuce! You gave that bastard our last name! Lanya stood and walked out the room and Dinero sucked his teeth.

Yo O, that shit not cool that’s my seed!

Nah little nigga black as me, but I guess you gone raise it

"Somebody raised us! Sacario roared picking up his son from the bed and held him out to his brother.

He an Alton like it or not! Sacario had spoken and his word was all his brother needed to hear. Dinero took the child and Sacario exited the room and down to the living room where he found Lanya balled up on the couch staring at a picture.

Hey baby what you looking at? Sacario said flopping down beside her lifting her feet on to his lap and taking the picture from her hands.

"Who are those men Carri?

Sacario looked at her with sad eyes and placed the picture on the side table next to the sofa.

My father

Lanya sat up and reached out for the picture and Sacario shook his head no.

There are four men who is your father. Sacario could see she was not gone let it rest. He had his reasons for not wanting to discuss the men in the picture, but he couldn’t resist her sad eyes. He picked the picture up and pointed his father out. This is his crew. He sucked his teeth.

Lanya studied the picture. Her eyes fixed on one person she ran her finger over the picture like she was fascinated.

So where is your father Sacario shot her a look and then snatched the picture.

He dead! He answered angrily. Lanya's eyes dropped. She looked unsure if she should continue with the question. 

So the other men where are they?" Sacario smiled and rubbed his hands together kissing her face come on bae lets go to bed.

No Sacario where are they? He dropped his head back and his mind spaced out closing his eyes he could see the night that he was proud of. The day he killed Samuel Silk Marks Lanya’s father.

"Alight nigga the baby sleep I’m gone. Dinero said pulling Sacario back from his daze. He stood kissing Lanya and rushed to the door to see his brother out.

"Yo O she wanna know about her bitch ass daddy.

"So! You dumb as fuck if you tell her you killed that nigga. What you gone do next tell her you put a hit on her blood line? You a pussy. Wanna be king and act like a fuckin bitch, keep that shit to yoself. Better yet  I’ll call Saint myself.

You gone kill my child’s mother?

"Naw her brother will do it. Dinero said smirking looking over at Lanya who had the picture back in her hand. He shot his brother a smile

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