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Japan Travel Guide: Top Attractions, Hotels, Food Places, Shopping Streets, and Everything You Need to Know: JB's Travel Guides

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This will be your guide to the bright and culturally rich Japan. Back from the rule of the Kingdoms up to the present times where Japan seem to be ultra modern and unique. There are just too much to do and appreciate when in the country and this book will serve as your guide all throughout your journey

You ware about to discover how you can plan and execute the best trip in Japan. This country houses tons of exciting and beautiful things and not just the cherry blossoms and the Geishas of Kyoto area. There are loads of shrines, temples, parks, gardens, beaches, museums and just about anything that can give total enjoyment and satisfaction.

From the top city attractions, best accommodations for all budgets, food hot spots, shopping areas and more. This book knows exactly where to bring you.

Do you want to know how it like is to stay in a “ryokan” or traditional Japanese guest house? Are you interested in visiting temples, shrines and Zen gardens? Are you thrilled to see a Geisha or perhaps a real sumo wrestler? All of these and more will come to you as you read this guide from the first to the last page.

All tips in this book are guaranteed to bring only the best memories and experience. You will always stay on the right track as long as you have this with you.

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