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From Housewife to Psychic

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As a child, did you hear or see things that nobody else could?

Did your parents try to convince you that you were just daydreaming, that they weren't real? Maybe you had scary experiences that adults tried to convince you were just your imagination?

The author, Lorna Hedges, went through many of these experiences and more.

She tells us how she developed her psychic gifts and how you can too.

In a gentle and often humorous way, she tells us how she went from being an 'ordinary' housewife to becoming a successful medium and healer.

If you ever felt the urge to develop your own psychic powers, safely, a step at a time, then this book is for you. She'll show you what to do, and what not to do, based on her own experiences.

She'll amuse you as she recounts the many mistakes she made, and how she overcame them.

In this book you will discover
- How psychics are born from humble beginnings
- Why children 'appear' to see imaginary beings
- What happens during a psychic reading.
- How being a medium is very down to earth and not all Hollywood glamour.
This book is for you if you are a budding medium who lacks self-confidence, a reader who is fascinated about how mediumship works and a parent who may be wondering whether their child is open to spirit.

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