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War of The Aliens

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The year was 2027 and the people of the Earth were anticipating the second coming of Christ but it was just another let down. There was definitely something they have never seen before in the cosmos going on to make them believe. There was an alien war brewing between nine alien species that was lighting up the cosmos. All communications and radar and astronomers were focusing all their attentions to what was unfolding in space. Just like always the people of the earth were left in the dark about what was going on because of the panic it would cause. Keeping the people of the earth in the dark wouldn't be for long. This was a war like none other.

It all started when the Arcturian Aliens were heading towards earth to destroy it and the Alpha Centurians which are known as the “Greys” by our human race warned us that the earth would be destroyed by the most advanced alien race in the cosmos in seven days. This angered other alien races because the human species posed no threat whatsoever to the Arcturians that are thirty-six light years away from earth. The Alpha Centurians assured the President of the United States and Congress that they couldn't guarantee that the planet earth would not be destroyed.

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