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Improper Wedding: Scandalous Encounters

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Sometimes the past can haunt you. For James Hamilton it wasn’t his past, but a series of dreams that haunted him all his life, dreams of another time and place.

When he entered the Kendrick household to honor a deal he’d begrudgingly made, he had no idea his life was about to change. That was the day he saw Rose Kendrick. Seeing her was like seeing a woman walk from his dreams. He dreamed of Rose since he was a boy, and instinct drove him toward her.

Instinct also warned him to take her from her unscrupulous father. The way to keep her safe was through marriage.

When Rose Kendrick awoke that morning, she’d no idea this was to be her wedding day. But it happened and she didn’t know what to do with this new marriage or the new husband. He frightened her at first, but then he simply confused her. Could she live with his unreasonable claims—his fears for her safety?

Based on James's dreams of her, will this marriage stand the test? Or will Rose leave her wealthy husband for a life of her own?

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