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I have developed a concept that might be a more cost effective way to move from Earth to our moon or to another planet. I decided to try to first develop a mathematical concept that I have discovered. It appears that it might be possible to use other than the standard three dimensions plus time to move from Earth to another destination.
After a great deal of work, I manage to get some funding and some hardware built and at least partly tested. If I’m to fully test my new system, I’m going to need more funding, a great deal more funding.
After a long search and a lot of wasted time, I discover that there’s really only one way that I can even hope to get the funding that I need to finish my testing.
I apply to the funding source and I find that I have to go to Washington and present my case, in person.
As directed, I go to a large, government building. After a long and very boring wait, during which I sit in a lobby, with nothing to do, I'm finally escorted into the hearing room by the security people. In the hearing room awaits Senator John 'Scrooge' Smith plus a couple of what appear to be court reporter type people.
There's no realistic way that I'm going to convince the notoriously cheap Senator to fund my project. However, if I can present my case well, I can only hope that others in the government will be convinced to fund my worthwhile project.
Senator Smith makes one of his usual rambling, semi-campaign speeches that takes up quite a bit of time and says almost nothing. After a time (I was afraid that it would never happen,) he runs down and he faces me.
The Senator says, “Mr. Chau, you have yet another one of these money devouring space projects to tell me about. We have more than enough problems right here on Earth and I have great trouble understanding why you seem to want to spend money in space. Perhaps you can explain your reasoning to me.”
I tell the Senator, “Senator, I don't want to spend money in space, nor is there anywhere that I know of, in space, that I can spend money. I can explain why I want to spend money, here on Earth, and what will be achieved by the spending of that money. However, you will first need to understand some background.”
Senator Smith breaks in, “I'll listen to you for a while. However, don't try to waste my time.”

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