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Eli Cooper and Violet Holt haven’t gotten along well in the year their parents have been married, so it’s better that they don’t see each other often. After an averted disaster, sparks fly and now Violet can’t get Eli off her mind.

Violet only has to avoid him for thirty more days, then she’ll be safely back at college and can focus her energy on her studies, but Eli isn’t so easily ignored. Eventually, passion flares and they both give into temptation. Only one question remains when it’s over:

What do you do when the one person you can’t get over is the one person you’re not supposed to be with? 

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ISBN: 9781533790897
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Boomerang - E.M. Denning

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First Edition, 2016

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For the dreamers.

Follow your bliss.


Eli Cooper and Violet Holt haven’t gotten along well in the year their parents have been married, so it’s better that they don’t see each other often. After an averted disaster, sparks fly and now Violet can’t get Eli off her mind.

Violet only has to avoid him for thirty more days, then she’ll be safely back at college and can focus her energy on her studies, but Eli isn’t so easily ignored. Eventually, passion flares and they both give into temptation. Only one question remains when it’s over:

What do you do when the one person you can’t get over is the one person you’re not supposed to be with?

Chapter One

Eli! I screamed up the stairs as I led his dog toward the back door by the collar. Keep your stupid mutt out of my room.

Eli sauntered in through the kitchen, shirtless, as always. I didn’t think he knew how to wear a shirt anymore. He grinned. What did Boomer do this time? He loved the fact that I hated his dog.

I held up a pair of shredded panties. Your dumb dog was eating my underwear, again.

He shrugged. So he likes to eat things that smell.

I punched him in the arm. My underwear does not smell.

Tell that to Boomer. Eli grinned and walked outside to join his stupid dog.

I stormed upstairs and then gathered the shredded underwear off my floor. I tossed them into the garbage. I was half-tempted to steal his credit card and go shopping at Victoria’s Secret for a bunch of lingerie, but there would be no point in spending all that money to show them off to no one. I went to my window and looked out at the backyard. Eli lounged in a chair by the pool. He lifted a hand and wiggled his fingers at me. I flipped him the bird.

Eli smiled, then put his hands behind his head. He thought he was some kind of hotshot just because most girls fell all over themselves to be near him. I closed my blinds, grabbed my iPod and flopped down with my sketch pad. I’d been on a series of re-imagined Disney Princesses for weeks. I drew them as science fiction heroines outfitted with laser blasters and badass space suits.

If I had things my way, I’d draw for the rest of my life, but Dad had other plans. He said the term starving artist existed for a reason, and no child of his was going to spend even a minute on unemployment.

He had me stuck in business school for a stupid degree that I had little intention to use. When he wasn’t looking, I was drawing, illustrating, building my portfolio. Anything in the art world was better than the best job in the business world. My classes made my brain bleed. Luckily for me, it was summer vacation, my dad was in France with my stepmother, and the only annoyance I had to suffer was Eli.

Over my earbuds, I heard something thump. I killed my music and listened. Someone hammered on my door.

Go away, Eli.

Open the door, Violet.

His voice sounded weird. He was probably going to make me regret it, but I opened the door. He had Boomer in his arms.

What did you do to my dog? His face was red with anger, pinched with worry, as if he didn’t know whether to punch me or cry his eyes out.

What are you talking about? I didn’t touch your stupid dog.

He threw up a whole bunch outside. Now he won’t even walk around. What did you do to him? Eli screamed.

I tried not to get mad, I tried to remain sympathetic because he was clearly worried about Boomer, but he was always a dick to me.

I didn’t do anything to your dog.

As if on cue, Boomer vomited all over my carpet.

Eli. Fuck, that’s so gross. I took a step back. I’m not cleaning that.

Eli looked at me. What’s wrong with him?

Crap. So much for not giving a shit about Eli and his stupid dog.

I sighed. Boomer really didn’t look well. Go downstairs and get into my Jeep. I’ll clean this up and be right there. We have to take him to the vet.

For once, Eli didn’t argue with me. He cradled Boomer against him, which was no easy feat. Boomer was a full-grown German shepherd, but Eli carried him as if he were weightless. Don’t be long, he said before he left the room.

The drive to the vet’s was only ten minutes, but it seemed to take ten days. Eli sat in the back with Boomer. He talked to him in soft tones while he stroked his fur. If I didn’t know better, I’d have sworn he had a heart, after all.

I opened the door to the vet for him, and he walked in. The receptionist was fairly young and she fell all over Eli, who hadn’t let go of Boomer. Come this way. I’ll take you straight into the back. She flipped her hair and batted her eyelashes. If she was any more obvious, she would have written her phone number on his hand. What’s your doggie’s name?


She giggled. That’s a cute name. Hi, Boomer.

She talked to the dog as if it fucking cared she existed. Boomer cared about two things—Eli and my underwear.

The vet came in to examine Boomer. We were sent to the waiting room while they examined him. Eli sat in a chair and buried his face in his hands. He was white as a sheet. I wasn’t totally heartless. I did feel bad for him, and Boomer, even though between the two of them I was sure they shared a brain cell.

I sat next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. Boomer is going to be okay.

Eli pulled his hands off his face and yanked away from my touch. He damn well better be. If my dog dies because you can’t clean up after yourself, I’m going to make your life miserable.

Excuse me? I couldn’t believe what I’d heard.

My dog probably caught some horrible fucking disease from your dirty underwear.

I wanted to punch him. I wanted to cave in his stupid face. Have fun picking up girls with a broken, crooked nose. Have fun getting laid with broken legs, asshole. Just as my anger was about to get the best of me, he stood and faced away.

Sorry, Violet. I’m just worried about Boomer. I know this isn’t your fault.

He made it hard to stay mad at him. I know. It’s okay.

It seemed a momentary cease fire had been called. Eli and I never got along—ever. We drove our parents crazy with our nearly constant fighting, but we didn’t ask to become stepsiblings. It’d been thrust upon us a year ago. Many a beloved panties had been lost since then, thanks to Boomer. Still, I hoped he’d be okay.

The vet came out with a somber expression. Mr. Cooper?

Eli turned to face him. He flexed and un-flexed his hands, something he did when his nerves got the best of him. How’s Boomer?

We’re going to have to sedate him so we can get some x-rays and assess his condition, but I suspect there’s an obstruction of some sort in his intestines. If I’m right, he’ll need emergency surgery.

I stepped forward and took Eli’s hand. How long will the surgery take? I asked. He squeezed mine.

The vet shook his head. There’s no way of knowing at this point. He eyed the clock. We’ll be closing up soon, but we’re going to see to Boomer before we leave for the night. We’ll examine him, and if he needs it, he’ll have surgery. I suggest the two of you go on home. We’ll be in touch as soon as we have any more information about Boomer. He reached out and squeezed Eli’s shoulder. We’ll do everything we can for your friend.

Eli nodded and made a break for the exit. I thanked the vet and then followed Eli. He sat in the passenger seat and stared out the window. I jumped into the Jeep and started it, but before I could back out, I had to wipe the tears from my eyes. Stupid fucking dog.

Chapter Two

Eli was quiet all evening. Shortly after we arrived home, the vet called. Boomer was suffering from an obstruction in his stomach. I had a feeling his underwear fetish had finally, horribly, backfired on him.

Neither one of us could concentrate on anything so we sat in the living room and stared blankly at the TV. Eli hadn’t said a single word since we’d left Boomer.

He’s going to be okay, you know.

Eli shrugged and mumbled something incoherent.

I sighed and went back to staring into space, but I wasn’t used to sitting in a room with someone who looked as miserable as he did without at least trying to cheer them up.

He has a really great vet. Boomer is going to be okay, you’ll see.

Eli looked at me. Can you just shut the fuck up, please? I can’t stand your Mary-fucking-Sunshine routine. We both know you hate Boomer.

Screw you, Eli. There’s a big difference between being pissed that your stupid dog won’t stop shredding my underwear and wanting him to suffer. I want Boomer to be okay just as much as you do.

I stood and started to storm away, but the phone rang. Eli and I reached for it at the same time, but he paused, then pulled his hand back. You answer it.

I took a deep breath and answered the phone. I held my breath the whole time I listened to the vet. As I hung up, I exhaled.

Eli’s eyes were wide with worry. Well? His voice shook when he asked.

Boomer is out of surgery and is recovering nicely.

We were both relieved. He let out a big yell, kind of like a war-whoop, then grabbed me around the waist and spun me around. I latched onto his shoulders as he came to a stop. Then he did something I never expected. He put me down, but didn’t let go of me. His hands were still on my waist when he leaned in and kissed me.

Eli. Fucking. Kissed. Me.

And I did nothing to stop him. In the first second, I was appalled. My knee-jerk reaction was to push him away, but my attempt fell flat when his tongue slid along my lower lip and a shockwave of pleasure ripped through me. I roamed my hand down his chest, and for once, I was thrilled he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

As his tongue entered my mouth, every hair on my body stood on end. It was the slowest, most delicious kiss I’d ever experienced. I slipped my hands into the short hair at the back of his neck. His roamed up my ribcage. He was just a hair away from my breasts when the spell broke. Simultaneously, we seemed to realize what we were doing. He pulled away as I stepped back. His hands were raised in a holy-crap-I-didn’t-mean-to-touch-her kind of way. He linked his fingers behind his head, and I just stood there and stared at him and wondered what the hell had just happened.

He spoke first. Did they say what time I could get Boomer?

My jaw