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Center Stage

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WARNING: This book contains explicit sex scenes, Gay Sex, Multiple Gay sex partners, Gay Anal Sex and Gay Oral Sex. If Man on Man Sex offends you then DO NOT read this book. Otherwise, enjoy!

He knows he has talent.

He could dance the pants off anyone, he could sing and he knew that if given the opportunity, he could act too! Call him a big head and an arrogant little shit, but Peter Donavan wasn’t going to give up his dream.

Mike Andrews is certainly the best director in Broadway. Promoters, actors and actresses would grovel at his feet just to have him direct their shows. He’s a very strong and influential man in his industry. Here he met Peter and they both fell in love. But infidelity broke them apart.

Broken hearted and emotionally wounded, Peter picked himself up and pushed himself out of misery. Then he met Kurt, the one person who stood by him when everything else in his world was falling apart...

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