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This debut collection catalogues a writer’s attempt in defining and drawing strength from a potent realm of consciousness somewhat lost in the labyrinth of life; in the many layers and dimensions of past, present and future self. Arthur’s poems seem to find reconciliation in themselves, merging different images and voices to paint different paradoxes and delights; characterised by painful realisations, beautiful affirmations, and kaleidoscope of new beginnings and endings.

In the soul bearing poem ‘six’ the writer gathers strength to confront an experience of sexual abuse that tormented his childhood: “Impotent spirit / Maleficent seed / I was only six’’ and throughout the course of his writing is enlightened to a realisation that everything he has been through, including losing a great love of his, may have paved a path of self-awakening.

Most of the poems in the anthology stem from a strong desire to ‘break and recreate’ towards “a knowing, in the end of the clouds” (p.28). After reading this anthology, one gets the sense that the writer seems to boldly re-enter the stage of life through a triumphant spirit, opening new doors of possibilities from the pages of what could have been a scathed life story.

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