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From Ice Floes to Battlefields: Scott's ‘Antarctics' in the First World War

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A tale of friendship, death, and survival, this is the first group biography of the men who survived the Terra Nova expedition  In February 1912, Harry Pennell and his Terra Nova shipmates returned to Antarctica expecting to celebrate Scott's conquest of the Pole. Forced by ice to leave before their leader returned, they sailed to New Zealand to discover Amundsen had reached the Pole in December 1911. Returning to Antarctica in January 1913, they learned the tragic news that Scott's party died on their return from the Pole. Back in New Zealand, Pennell secretly cabled London with the news, while in England a cycle of medal ceremonies and memorial services were soon overshadowed by the outbreak of war—a war that would soon include Pennell and his shipmates. Of the eight men photographed on board the Terra Nova in Antarctica in early 1912, four would die in conflict. Amongst the battles and bad news, however, there were reunions, romances, weddings, births, and tales of survival against all odds.

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