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Cypress Corners



The guy who wants to live his own life
The girl who has loved him forever
A love moths to a flame
And the chance to have something real

Nate Bauer, an entomologist and self-proclaimed bug nerd, is eager to start his new job in Cypress Corners. He’s hoping it’s a new beginning, too. He cares for his emotionally-fragile mother, in a kind of half-life with no relationship of his own.

Becky Rollins loves her job at the Cypress Institute. As the director’s Gal Friday, she’s the center of just about everything that happens there. Living on her own for the past few months has given her a dose of independence. Running into her ex, Bugs Bauer? She begins to think that being on her own can be lonely, too.

When Nate sees Becky, it’s like the ten years since they were together never happened. The pretty teenager he knew is now a gorgeous woman, and as smart and sassy as she was back then. She bugs him in the best way, and their attraction is as strong as ever. They grow closer, and attraction begins to lead somewhere neither of them expected. But when family issues come up, Nate can’t help but feel that he just isn’t meant to have his own life.

Can Becky show Nate that something real is worth going all in?
Or will he let what’s bugging him ruin what they might have together?

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