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Gathering of the Storm: The Realms of War, #16

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Aewyn and Robyn are within the safety of the Valley of the Gods.  However, they are kept apart as the Druids try to learn more about them.  The trust that once banded the group together has now been broken with Aewyn's actions and Robyn can no longer see eye to eye with her.  As they are brought back together, the Druids slowly reveal the powerful force that has been protecting the Valley of the Gods.

Far off in the ruins of Erun, the Horde slowly begins to regain its power under the cold, undead grip of Lord Lazarus.  While he tries to find the secret to freeing the Lich King, he tries to unite the Horde.  He sends the corrupted Queen of Erun, Arwen to seduce the Orcs and Leila, along with Kara to do the same with the Trolls.

As the Horde slowly grows stronger, Aewyn tries to enlist in the help of the Druids.  The uneasy calm before the storm leads to a gathering of power for all forces.  The Horde, Aewyn, and the reformed Human Alliance all wish to lay claim to the broken lands...  but who will ultimately lay claim to whatever remains?

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