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A Full House: Five Short Stories

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Stephen, the author of the Westerns Stone Cold Joe and Talking Fire Hand, as well as the Christian teaching series, Always Learning, has put this collection of five short stories together to entertain his many fans and show his readers a variety of writing genre with a variety of emotional content. "Dannie's Partner", "Buffalo Chip's Wagons" and "Golden Valley" are set in the mid-1800 and show the high emotional conflicts and meetings in a violent and unstable frontier era where the six-gun was the equalizer and the law. "He Knew How To Drive Truck" is a modern transportation story depicting the real dangers of today's highways and the men and women who live and face these dangers and win or lose their loved ones to these daily occurrences. "Space Baal" is a near future fantasy showing true Christianity mixed with futuristic imagination. It is a short story depicting true human emotions amid the often hidden physical and spiritual dangers in an imaginary, near future world.

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