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To Know God in the 21st Century

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To Know God in the 21St Century offers a forum for self-reflection and renewal of the vows that came with your first love. It was written to help maturing Christians reason why their faith-life no longer holds the passion it once did. Using real life illustrations, it offers insights on why it is more difficult to live an expressly Christian life in an increasingly antagonistic world. It is a book of self-discovery that permits readers to challenge their own faith without condemnation or loss of fellowship. It is foremost a book of self-reformation and second chances, and of clearer vision, strengthened understanding towards a stronger, more committed heart connection.

A life-long student of theology, philosophy, ethics, and thanatology, Ken was nominated for an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by his peers for trans-denominational and transcultural contributions within local churches. In the broader community, Ken is also recognized for his contribution in developing province-wide basic and advanced life support services, most notably as project leader for the Manitoba Aeromedical Report and for operationalizing the Province of Manitoba Life Flight Air Ambulance program.

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