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777 Days

Length: 234 pages4 hours


In 777 Days, Brighton Furlong’s adventure comes to a head as the world implodes and people must struggle to survive in a hostile and dangerous environment. The Star Christian Community Complex is filling fast as the Lord leads his children there. Work at the Praise The Lord building is in full swing, its walls hiding its real purpose.

Rumors of war explode into reality all around the globe as Brighton, his Group of Ten, and three thousand souls go into hiding, living their lives free of the world they once knew. In the midst of limited nuclear war and the collapse of the world system, humanity is thrown into near-extinction for a period of time before the Lord restores his chosen ones for a time of revival unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Gripping stories of survival, attacks, raids, romance, and murder are thrown into the mix of 777 Days, culminating with a glorious reawakening. This awesome ending is sure to capture your imagination and make you ask: what if?

“I really enjoyed reading 777 Days, an exciting end to the Brighton Furlong Trilogy. It is a gripping and impactful look into the future, with a truly Canadian perspective on end times.”

—Mr. David Blatz, Driver Education Instructor

Meadow Lake, SK

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