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Here's Mrs. A: Canada's Woman of the 20th Century

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Kate Aitken’s experiences in Beeton were of the utmost importance in molding her into Canada’s beloved “Mrs. A.” Dubbed by her CFRB co-host Gordon Sinclair as the busiest woman in the world, she was a feminine dynamo who shared each of her experiences with an audience who loved her for who she was.

When Mrs. A retired from her regular radio broadcasts in June of 1957, Lloyd Lockhart wrote in the Toronto Star Weekly magazine, “Kate Aitken, after twenty-four years of fabulous activity, is more than a personality, she’s an institution. She got to the top by doling out words of hope and encouragement to all, and give her credit—the party line that she is now dissolving stretches from coast to coast and reaches at least one and a half million listeners on a daily basis. There has never been anything like it as witnessed by her fan mail of 350,000 letters a year.”

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