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New Life in the Boarding House: The Renovation of a Heart and Mind

Length: 240 pages8 hours


The author, a husband and father of a young family, was messed up. Like many men, he was unable to talk to anyone about what was wrong—partly because he felt it would make him look weak and partly because he didn’t really know why nothing was right in his life. Anger became his fuel, controlling his life. Conflict was his daily routine. He suffered many sleepless nights, plagued by fear, worry, and buried emotional wounds. Haunted by his father’s rejection, an inner voice screamed at him, “I want a new life!”
Chilling thoughts of ending it rapped at his consciousness.
In a night of crisis, he dug out an unused Bible, leading to a startling introduction to Jesus and depositing the author on a virtual tour of a once magnificent stately home, fallen into use as a neglected, chaotic boarding house. With the Holy Spirit as his guide, he meets interesting people, learns to understand himself, and discovers that not only is it possible to have a new life—but there’s a way to get it.
As a child he heard stories of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but as an adult he didn’t think they existed and he certainly had no idea of how to find them. This book, based on daily journal accounts, describes how they found him.
And not only are they real, they still make house calls.
“Greg’s reflections on his personal journey will cause you to pause and think about your own boarding house.”
—Rick Verkerk, National Manager, Events
Promise Keepers Canada

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