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The Adventures of Long Dog D'Silvo

Length: 119 pages1 hour


Don’t call Long Dog a wiener dog—he gets very upset! Equally upsetting for the Dachshund are his too-long ears, but sometimes they come in handy—as pontoons to help him swim and for “telescoping” up or around corners to eavesdrop on troublemakers.

This underdog certainly has a nose for trouble, leading the Doggie Gang into conquering dognapping rings, thwarting jewelry heists, and saving lives, both human and animal.

The yacht dogs travelling the east coast—a St. Bernard, Chihuahua, Sealyham Terrier, and even two snobby black Newfoundlands—come to view him as their heroic leader, as do Long Dog’s people, the D’Silvo family.

“Anyone who claims that a diminutive little breed like the Dachshund could never display heroic qualities hasn’t read about the adventures and exploits of Long Dog and his Doggie Gang. Young readers will love the underdog who becomes hero to both man and beast!”

—Janet Matthews, co-author,

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