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Grafted In: A Jewish-Christian Perspective

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Grafted In is an insightful, fascinating read… Gabeli laudably contends with any notions of Replacement Theology and makes a compelling case for Christianity to embrace its Jewish origins.”

Christine Williams, award-winning TV Host, Producer and Journalist

Public Affairs/MediaConsultant for International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Canada

The landscape of the global church has changed significantly in the twenty-first century as many are newly awakened to the revelation of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Many church leaders are calling for a return to a church model that is authentic, accurate, and accentuated by the Jewishness of the early church.

However, ignorance and misunderstanding has caused the pendulum to swing to extremes, and abuse has caused sincere seekers to unintentionally create offence and misunderstanding bringing reproach to the Church.

Written to inform and engage well-meaning Gentile believers in a mature and balanced way, Gabeli addresses the questions being asked in the global church today regarding the practise and implementation of Christianity’s Jewish roots:

• What does the “one new man” mystery (Ephesians 2–3) look like practically?

• How will the celebration of the feasts enrich our lives, families, and churches? How can we celebrate them in a significant way?

• What should be the relationship between the church and geopolitical Israel?

• How and why should we support a strong advocacy for the State of Israel?

• How do we avoid becoming extreme and off balanced in the implementation of the Hebraic roots in the context of Gentile believers?

Grafted In presents a balanced, viable, and biblically significant Judeo-Christian model for personal and public worship.

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