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Garibaldi Mountain

Length: 170 pages3 hours


Holly Brannigan and her three teenage friends–Paul Castles, Ted Lumley, and her best friend, Bonnie Tilson–have helped attorney David Brannigan on cases in the past, but this is the most dangerous mystery yet. A family with three children has disappeared, along with a close friend of the family, while camping in Garibaldi Provincial Park. When Holly and her friends hear of the disaster, they join a Mountain Search and Rescue team of volunteers. In very short order, Holly’s team find clues that make them suspicious of foul play.

Follow Holly and her team as they search through torrential rain and fog, confront a dangerous wolf and its pack, and dodge men with bows and arrows who are terrorizing them as they race the clock to find the missing family. There are new threats and dangers at every turn!

A Holly Brannigan Mystery: Garibaldi Mountain is the third in the series.

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