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You Can't Fix Dead: The Physical Change and Spiritual Transformation of Travis McNeil

Length: 140 pages1 hour


Gender transformation is a subject that remains taboo throughout much of the Body of Christ… Any church that wishes to remain relevant in our culture needs to acquaint itself with the feelings and struggles of this ever-increasing segment of our society, and busy itself in the work of “building bridges” so as to impact the lives of those around them…Written with sensitivity and style, this book provides an “inside” look at a difficult subject, and succeeds in its mandate of treating everyone with gentleness and respect. It’s a great read! I highly recommend it.

Pastor, Author

Are there some things in your past that you regret? How many times have you thought it would be wonderful to go back and start over again? We all know that’s not possible. Or is it?

Travis was not always Travis. He was born Tanya, who should not have lived; her mother tried to abort her. Tanya lived through a sexual assault as a child and an unwanted pregnancy as a young woman.

One evening, Tanya and her lesbian partner were watching a television program about gender reassignment. She had always known she should have been born a man, and now she had hope.

Tanya pursued this possibility and became Travis. He began to live the life he had always wanted. He got to know people who had lived through circumstances just as painful and self-destructive as his, but they were now experiencing joy and peace. And when he met the one responsible for that peace, Travis was changed again.

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